The community One of the greatest advantages of the FUTUREBOARDS educational platform, is the FUTUREBOARDS Community.

A live and active environment, comprised of students and teachers, each with their own set of skills, talents, know-how and the same passion for learning and a desire to transmit their knowledge. Kids within the community can have all the guidance, support, encouragement, motivation, and opportunity to exchange artistic views, as well as a safe place in which to feel free to create.

FUTUREBOARDS Community is an integral piece of the educational “puzzle”, offering a solid and strong social foundation that acts as a tank of stimuli, information, knowledge and feelings. Kids can use the Community to contact each other and open a creative dialogue, through their work. Art is an excellent tool for self-discovery, for learning to accept ourselves and explore the deepest layers within us. It’s also a good tool for socializing and sharing. Kids can choose whether they want to display their work, while at the same time they can see other projects and contact other students, sharing ideas, mentalities and views. Kids comprehend, evaluate and learn in a totally different way, being represented by their artwork, communicating with the universal language of Art.

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