The project


FUTUREBOARDS is an innovative, interactive digital platform of Art Education for kids and teenagers.

For the first time, kids have the opportunity to cultivate their artistic leanings, skills and learnings, work on their own creative projects and share their art with a wider community.

The FUTUREBOARDS platform, is not only a pioneering tool for practical artistic education; it is also a safe environment where kids can be themselves, express themselves freely and learn to evolve through Art.

FUTUREBOARDS transcends its role as an educational medium, serving also as a bridge of communication for kids from totally different social and cultural backgrounds.

Through artistic creation, kids become more conscious of each other’s uniqueness, and learn respect, freedom of expression and develop an understanding of other important social issues, such as racism and social exclusion.


FUTUREBOARDS is so much more than online Art lessons. It is a bundle of complete, comprehensive art workshops taught by artists of different areas of specialization. These unique lessons help kids to imagine, create, and develop their artistic skills and share their work, exchanging opinions and critiques with their classmates and teachers.

During the online interactive classes, kids and their teachers discuss and elaborate on a variety of subjects, they are able to organize their work and learn all the new technical means available that are necessary to create Art on a computer.

FUTUREBOARDS combines the traditional way of learning with the application of digital visual tools: the kids participating have a whole ecosystem of programs at their disposal, and a whole world of stimuli to be inspired from, and to explore.

The FUTUREBOARDS education platform
includes tools such as:

Why digital art?

Artistic creation helps kids communicate with their surrounding world and express themselves in a different way. It doesn’t only develop the right side of the brain but also a lot of their abilities and talents, far beyond those of mere memorization and analysis, as taught in the conventional school systems. Kids learn through their own personal choices, and through colours, shapes, and by triggering their personal experiences and subconscious as they choose to display them on (the digital) paper. At the same time, kids try different ways of doing things, finding solutions, exploring new ideas, techniques and methods. Instead of reproducing the same copy of methodology and rules, they create their own, in order to answer the “how” and the “why”. Each work of art is a challenge that can look totally different and result in a diverse outcome for each kid, reflecting their unique character.

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